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KIKUCHI provides "Delight in Every Bite that’s both healthy and delicious".

Passionate about food and optimal health,  dedicate to study and apply for a new dish. Although going to a restaurant is easy and fun, there’s nothing like enjoying a freshly cooked a homemade meal style with love and honest. 


End the Chronic Diseases

We call out Chefs and Cooks specially success one who're on a position of financial decision maker, making menu, and buying ingredients to join our movement.

We have lost faith in conventional doctors. shareholder incentives pharmaceutical and  food manufacture companies who have No intension to solve all chronic diseases getting worse and worse despite of medical technology advantage and health care spending.

Have doctors actually achieved healing patients from these diseases last over 50 years instead of treating symptoms giving pharmaceutical drugs?


We can't let them take care of our health no more.

Chefs and Cooks need to take care of food and protecting members of local community. 


Chefs need to spent more time to learn and understand how bad ingredients and ultra processed foods we get from suppliers to serve customers. 


Department of Environment and Health 

Eating healthy begins with not only knowing what in your food, also who we are,  where we came from, what’s real food for us as Home Sapiens (not kidding).  

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